Creating a balance between your finances & dreams with a holistic approach.
Orchard Financial Group helps you better understand & navigate your finances. Through education, motivation and proper planning as your partner & advisor Orchard Financial Group is here to help you cultivate what matters most.


Employee Education

Offered as on-site educational classes and can include a variety of topics such as basic financial guidance, debt payoff strategies, estate planning basics, etc. Topics can be customized based on employer need.



Financial Planning

Offers specific guidance on a variety of financial planning topics including their employee benefits. Your employees will receive a personalized financial snapshot aimed to give them clarity of their current situation and a customized road map designed to help them navigate and implement steps to meet their goals.



Financial Coaching

Designed for those seeking a long-term relationship with a financial planner. Throughout the process, your employee will have access to customized education including employee benefits, financial planning, accountability, clear recommendations and a road map with specific implementation assistance along the way. We can provide check points and on-call support with an emphasis on achieving financial well-being.


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